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About Our Plastics Manufacturer

For more than 30 years, Polymer Products Group in Owosso, Michigan, has been providing clients, nationwide, services from plastics manufacturer with blow-molding solutions for fuel tanks and other automotive applications, as well as custom plastic cases and panels across a number of industries. Our team welcomes the opportunity to be involved with our customers at the earliest phase in their projects, assisting with the development of a product that is cost effective to produce, while meeting all functional and appearance criteria.

Extensive Knowledge

We believe the best projects begin with the most knowledge. At Polymer Products Group, our engineers apply their extensive knowledge of blow molding to every project we are a part of. This experience allows us to assist our customers with design, proper material selection, and troubleshooting issues early in the design phase to save time and money later.

Industry Distinction

Our company offers our customers the ability to test new materials and their capabilities. We work with a number of materials, from filled to high-temperature materials. If you are looking to have parts made for testing, such as impact or permeation, we can do low-volume prototype runs. Our engineers are familiar with most industry testing standards and can help to ensure your product will be made to meet your needs.

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